Monthly Competition Topcs for 2012 - 2013 

Month/Year         Competition Topic                            Format

July 2012            PVCC field trips

August 2012       What I did on my summer vacation   Digital

September 2012  Drought                                          Print

October 2012      Informal portrait                               Print

November 2012   Fear                                                Digital

January 2013       My favorite toy: Traditional product  Digital


February 2013     "Migrant Mother" digital makeover   Digital

March 2013          Depths of winter                             Print

April 2013            Derelict structures                          Digital

May 2013             Small towns                                    Print

June 2013           Best of the Year: Any image           Print

                           previously entered for this

                           competition year: July 2012

                           to May 2013

July 2013             Motion                                           Print