How to enter print competitions

To ensure that your images are judged in the correct categories, please use one of our entry forms for print competitions. Select the option below, PDF or Excel file, that best suits your needs.

Microsoft Excel (XLS)

Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

Prints must be labeled as either color or monochrome.

Hand colored monochrome prints or toned prints may be entered as either color or monochrome, and should be labeled accordingly.

The following must appear on the back of the mat in the upper left hand corner (while looking at the back of the print) on an official “title form”:

  • TITLE of the entry

Print Size: Maximum 320 Sq. In. (16 x 20). All prints must be securely mounted on mat board.

Finished (Mounted) Size: Minimum (11 x 14), Maximum: (16 x 20) – Not to be wider than 20 inches. Full bleed prints must conform to these size requirements (Full bleed print may have a “printed mat”). All prints must be securely mounted on mat board or foam core.

Prints for Best of Year competition may be re-mounted and/or re-printed. Re-editing and processing Best of Year entries is permitted, especially if in response to suggestions made by competition judges. 

How to enter digital format competitions

Entries for our digital competitions must be .jpg/.jpeg files.  Please do not enter .tif, RAW or other file formats.

Submit entries to:

Enteries may also be delivered at the meeting via disk or thumb drive.

Image size: Do not worry about resizing your images - our software and the judge's software will handle this process.

Naming - Use the following template for the file names of your digital competition entries:


^  ^             ^   ^   ^  ^

|   |              |   |    |   |

|   |              |   |    |   Title

|   |              |   |    Color or Black and white

|   |              |  Open or Topic

|   |             Novice or Standard

|   Last name

First initial

Example: v_black_S_T_C_PeruCircus.jpg