About our Competitions

Monthly PVCC photography competitions are open to all PVCC members in good standing and are free to enter. Competitions are intended to enhance our technical and creative skills behind the lens and during post-processing.

Competition images are submitted, typically, on the first Thursday of the month. The judge’s feedback is usually provided two weeks later on the third Thursday of the month. If you can only attend one meeting a month, this is the night to attend. The judge provides comments and constructive critiques of the entries. In addition, awards are given for first, second, third, and honorable mention in each category (subject to the number of entries). 

Competitions are organized into two divisions, Standard and Novice. For each division, the competition is grouped into categories, Topic or Open. Within each category, images may be submitted in color or in black & white/monochrome. This provides up to eight distinct competition groups each month:

Standard Topic-Color

Standard Topic-Black & White

Standard Open-Color

Standard Open-Black & White

Novice Topic-Color

Novice Topic-Black & White

Novice Open-Color

Novice Open-Black & White

All club members are encouraged to participate. Please read the Competition Rules before entering a Photo Venture Camera Club monthly competition.

last updated: 1/26/2016