Changes to the February 2016 competition: "Storytelling"

What has changed for this competition: Members may submit up to four "stories" in the Topic category. You can use as many images as you'd like on a single image file or use multiple, separate image files as parts to one story (up to the regular maximum of four total). (Note: if you submit separate image files that are part of a single story, include in the file name _1-of-2_ or _2-of-3_ to help indicate how the files go together).

An EXAMPLE of a single image file with multiple images to tell a single story is shown below. The point here is to acknowledge and make room for stories that the photographer needs multiple images to tell a single story.

Submit your entries by Feb 5 to:

Remember also our Open category is available every competition for any image that's not on topic or too aged. So, be sure to get your nature, travel, flora, fauna, food, and macro images into our upcoming competitions!!!